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Run the database maintenance manually

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Database maintenance performs a series of data summarization that helps you optimize the size of your Orion database.

Data summarization consists of gathering all the collected network data for a defined period of time, calculating statistics from the data, and then discarding the data itself while retaining the statistics. By regularly running database maintenance, you can realize significant space savings and performance improvements.

Database maintenance can be initialized from the Start menu or scheduled for a set Archive Time and initiated from the Orion Polling Settings view in the Orion Web Console. In either case, once started, database maintenance normally proceeds without further attention.

For more information about setting the Archive Time for database maintenance on the Orion Polling Settings view, see Orion Polling Settings.

This article is part of the Quick Orion database health check guide.



NPM version 11.5.x


Administrative privileges are required to run Database Maintenance.

  1. Click Start > All Programs > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > Database Maintenance.
  2. Click Start.





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