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Run SolarWinds products as domain service account

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Updated February 17, 2017


Is possible to run SolarWinds products as domain service account?


All SolarWinds products running on Windows Server


By default, our services run under the NETWORK SERVICE account, which is a pre-existing local account used by the service control manager.  By default, it has very limited permissions on the local system and cannot access the network. What permissions Network Service has explicitly is a question for Microsoft, but it is designed to be a low-privilege account.  

However, there are scenarios where a server is locked down to the point that the Network Service  account cannot access the resources it needs to run our software (such as certain files or directories).  In this case, we elevate the privileges of the account, rather than change the account the services are running under.  

Having services run under a domain account is, in general, not a great idea.  Domain accounts are likely to be restricted to GPOs than local accounts, and there is a greater risk that something could happen to a domain account (deletion, lock out) vs. the default Network Service account. 

While it’s possible that running the software will work this way, we do not support it – meaning we will not help you set it up, and if a problem arises we will likely ask you to change it back to the default.  




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