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Routing table has no data

Updated February 5, 2017


The routing table does not show any data on the node summary page.


All NPM versions


  1. Do an SNMP walk of the device
    1. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion and run SNMPWalk.exe

      - Enter IP address of Node, Community String
      - Click Scan and then save the resulting text file

      SNMP Walk is included in NPM 10.3 and above, if you have an older version please download from: 

  2. Search for these OIDs in the resulting walk text file:

    1. ipRoutingTable ( for IPv4 routing table

    2. ipRouteDest(.1) - Route (ipv4)
    3. ipRouteIfIndex(.2) - InterfaceIndex
    4. ipRouteMetric1(.3) - Metric
    5. ipRouteProto(.9) - Routing protocol
    6. ipRouteNextHop(.7) - RouteDestination (ipv4)
    7. ipRouteAge(.10) - LastChange of the route
    8. ipRouteMask(.11) - RouteMask (ipv4), will be translated to CIDR number (number of 1 bits in mask)
  3. The device must return data for this OID to allow us to populate the routing table:
    1. ipRoutingTable (


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