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Renamed Orion Server - License fails to connect to old instance name

Created by Dennis Harnett, last modified by Lori Krell_ret on Oct 10, 2016

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When migrating your Orion server to a new IP or hostname, you may have a mismatch between the new server and the records in the Orion SQL database. This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when the License Manager cannot connect to the previous instance name after renaming the Orion server. 


When migrating servers, see the SolarWinds Migration Guide. The guide for migrating to a new IP and hostname covers how to change records without a mismatch.


  • Orion Platform 2016.1 and earlier
  • NPM 11.5.3 or earlier
  • SAM 6.2.4 and earlier


Renaming the Orion server causes a mismatch in the database - Under the Engines table you will see two primary engines. 


  1. Stop the services.
  2. Create a backup of your database.
  3. Run the Configuration Wizard (Please do this as a local admin, and not a domain admin with local permissions).
  4. Upon completion of the wizard, edit the following database tables:
    [websites] - Remove reference to the old server name
    [engines] - Remove reference to the old server name
    [Nodes] - Change the polling engine for each node to the new server Engine ID (Engine ID can be located on the Engines table, and the Nodes table will show the engine ID column of each node).



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