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RabbitMQ troubleshooting and purging SwisPubSub Queue

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Updated September 27, 2016


Sometimes it maybe necessary to clear the RabbitMQ SwisPubSub queue when troubleshooting a SolarWinds Information Service issue. If you are migrating your Orion products to a new server, you may also need to complete a purge. For more information on migrations, see the SolarWinds Migration Guide.

Note: Completing these instructions may require administrator access.


  • NPM 12.0
  • Orion Platform products 2016.1 and later


  1. Go to the File Explorer windows app on the Main Orion server (only) to Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion
  2. Right click and Execute run as administrator for OpenRabbitMQConsole.exe.
  3. The CLI window will pop up and copy a password quickly and automatically to your clipboard.
  4. the AA  default browser window will open with the console:
  5. Enter orion as the username and please note that it is case sensitive.
  6. Paste the password from the clipboard in to the password prompt.
  7. Click the Queues tab.
  8. Click SwisPubSub under All Queues.
  9. Expand Delete / purge.
  10. Click Purge.

The clearing of data may take a little time. You should expect a bit of a blip in the console behavior, which should revert to normal when complete. You may need to restart services.




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