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Purposes of acknowledging alerts in Orion

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Created by Eric Bryant, last modified by Erica Gill on Jul 08, 2016

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This article explains the benefits of acknowledging alerts in the SolarWinds Orion Web Alerting engine. 


All Orion Core versions


Main points of the functionality of Acknowledgment of alerts in Orion

  • Intended feature of Acknowledgement of alerts is meant for physical intervention from a user.
  • Auto Acknowledge of alerts is not possible without outside third party unsupported user configuration (workarounds are possible).
  • Acknowledge function gives user a audit trail of physical intervention.


When an alert has triggered and becomes active, you can then acknowledge it. After an alert is acknowledged, alert actions in higher escalation levels are halted and the time it was acknowledged and the account that acknowledged it is recorded. You can also add notes that other users can read.


Depending on your organization, acknowledging an alert can have different purposes outside of halting further notifications. The most common purposes are to provide an audit trail or to prevent multiple people from working on the same issue. Auto Acknowledgement would not be a recommended procedure in most environments as it can be ambiguous if a problem has been addressed in the monitoring system in particular. 


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