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How much bandwidth does SolarWinds NPM require for monitoring?

Created by Magdalena.Markova, last modified by Magdalena.Markova on Feb 02, 2017

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SolarWinds requires roughly 1.0 Mbps for every 10,000 monitored objects. 


The following sections do not cover additional technologies you can poll with NPM, such as wireless, topology, or multicast data. If you enable pollers for these technologies, NPM will consume more bandwidth than stated in these examples.

Total Traffic per Monitored Object (SNMP+ICMP, inbound+outbound)

Poll Type Data per Poll Default Polling Interval Default Polls
per Hour
Ping (ICMP) - Response Time and Status 1 KB/poll 120 s 30
Statistics Poll (SNMP) 1.5 KB/poll 600 s 6
Interface Rediscovery (SNMP) 2.7 KB/poll 1800 s 2

Monitoring 1 interface for 1 hour requires

To calculate how much bandwidth is required for monitoring 1 interface for 1 hour, multiply the number of polls per hour by the data per poll required by individual poll types.


(30 ICMP x 1 KB) + (6 SNMP Statistics x 1.5 KB) + (2 SNMP Rediscovery x 2.7 KB) = 44.4 KB


SolarWinds NPM requires 44.4 KB/hr to fully monitor 1 interface, using default polling intervals.

Environment with 20,000 monitored objects

The conservative assumption is that all devices are interfaces. In a typical environment, not all objects would require rediscovery.

To calculate how much bandwidth NPM requires to monitor a typical 20,000 object environment every hour, multiply the number of elements by the bandwidth required by one interface per hour.

20,000 x 44.4 KB/hr = 888,000 KB/hr = 0.888 GB/hr = 0.247 MBps = 1.973 Mbps

This article applies to all versions of SolarWinds NPM.

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