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Packet loss and latency values in NetPath

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The packet loss and latency values you see in NetPath likely will not match those values elsewhere in Orion, for example on a Node Details page. 


  • NPM 12.0 and 12.0.1


In the inspector panel, NetPath reports the latency, packet loss, and other performance metrics as they relate to that network path. The probe of a network path to a router will have a certain latency. Elsewhere in Orion, the latency value comes from the main or assigned poller to that node, which is a different path.

Also, Orion uses different probing packets to measure latency and packet loss. NPM typically uses ICMP packets. NetPath uses TCP packets with a specified port as probing packets. When packets traverse the path, networking devices could process ICMP and TCP packets differently, which may result in different latency.






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