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PDF error: Enable cookies to log in


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when PDF shows Enable cookies to log in instead of the report data. The web console has also been set to use Automatic Windows login.


All NPM versions


1. Edit the target scheduled report.

2. In the Edit page for the scheduled report, go to Properties > Advanced Settings and expand it.


Note: The "Select which user account limitations should apply to the report schedule:" section must be set to use "ANOTHER USER". The user must have the following conditions:

  • A user account that is able to access the Orion Web Console
  • User account, when it is logged in to the Web Console, is able to view the URL of the report 
  • The user is a Windows user account that is either added individually under the Manage Accounts page of the web console or is a member of an AD Security group that's listed in the Manage Accounts page of the web console.


3. Add the URL of the report in the Trusted Sites portion of Internet Options on the ORION server.

Additional Items to be checked:

  • Check IIS Manager > SolarWinds NetPerfMon site > Authentication settings. Make sure that Anonymous, Forms and Windows authentication modes are enabled.


  • On the ORION Server itself, in Internet Options > Security tab, highlight Trusted Sites and click Custom Level. de-select Authentication > Automatic logon with current username and password, and change it to use "Prompt for username and password".


  • On the ORION Server itself, in Internet Options > Advanced tab, under the Security section, de-select the "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" option.


4. Log in to the web console using the built-in ADMIN web console user.

5. Edit the scheduled report job in question. Make sure that this job is set to run under the context of the built-in ADMIN web console user account. Then force this job to run.


Check the PDF file attachment and see if it no longer shows Enable Cookies to log in and if it shows and contains the report data.




Last modified
23:39, 30 Nov 2016