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Home > Success Center > Network Performance Monitor (NPM) > Orion Website performance still slow after application of Orion Platform v2015.1.2 Hot Fix 6

Orion Website performance still slow after application of Orion Platform v2015.1.2 Hot Fix 6

Created by William Muhle, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides  brief information and steps when system performance is worse  after applying hotfix 6.

Orion Platform v2015.1.2 hotfix 6 was designed to help with groups, limitations, and website performance. 


Orion Core 2015.1.2 with Hot Fix 6 applied.


The issue is caused by additional lines within the Pub/Sub.  In hotfix 6, many URLs were changed within the subscriptions table.  However, we did not delete the old subscriptions.


  1. Stop the Orion services using the Orion Service Manager across all pollers (primary and additional).
  2. Open Database Manager and connect to your SQL server.
  3. Open a query window by double clicking on any of the tables, or right-click, and selecting New query.
  4. In the new query window, erase whatever might be in there, and then put in the following query and click Execute:

DELETE FROM PendingNotifications

DELETE FROM Subscriptions

DELETE FROM SubscriptionTags

  5. Start the services on the Orion servers again.  Please make sure to start with the primary poller and then move on to any additional pollers. 




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23:18, 22 Jun 2016