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Putting Your Logs Where They Belong with the New SolarWinds Log Manager for Orion

The new SolarWinds® Log Manager for Orion® finally puts your log data right where it belongs, in the heart of your Orion console. Gain insight into the performance of your infrastructure by monitoring your logs in a unified console allowing you to see a wealth of information about the health and performance of your network and servers.

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Orion Web Console chart does not display all data in the series


Charts in the Orion Web Console display the error message "Data is not available" but the data is present in the database and reports.


  • All Orion Platform products


If you customized the default Chart Settings for the Orion Web Console, the following settings might exclude some data from the series:

  • Maximum Number of Data Series Displayed On Chart: Run the following query to find out whether the value for Web-MaximalNumberOfSeriesInChart has been customized:

    Select * from Settings where SettingID like '%Web-MaximalNumberOfSeriesInChart%'

    If you get results similar to the table, the default settings have been changed.






    Maximal Number Of Series In Chart



  • Chart Aspect Ratio: Values such as .3 for Web-ChartAspectRatio are too small for Min/Max/Avg charts. Edit the setting back to default.


Revert the Chart Settings back to defaults:

  1. Log in to the Orion Web Console as an administrator.
  2. Click Settings > All Settings > Web Console Settings in the Product Specific Settings grouping. 
  3. Scroll down to Chart Settings, and locate Maximum Number of Data Series Displayed On Chart.
  4. Adjust this setting to a value greater than 10. 

    The default setting is 10. SolarWinds recommends adjusting this setting to no higher than 20.

  5. Make sure that the Chart Aspect Ratio is set to a value above .3.
  6. Save your settings. 

The charts should now display all data in the data series.



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