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Not getting the CPU and/or memory information on a device

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Updated November 10th, 2017



  • I am not getting the CPU and/or memory information on a device
  • Why does NPM list so little IBM TS3200 equipment information?
  • SNMP is working fine but is not getting some CPU or memory information?

       Example devices: Enterasys, Extreme, Bluecoat, AIX/6000, AS/400 ("IBM iSeries"), AC6005, Avaya, and others.


  • NPM all versions
  • SAM all versions


Network Performance Monitor (NPM) can poll the following CPU and memory utilization [Object IDs (OID)] by default: see list here:  CPU and memory utilization Object IDs (OIDs) that NPM can poll.

If your device does not respond to any of the listed OIDs values (in the linked article), NPM will not be able to display any CPU and/or Memory information If so, you will need to create a Universal Device Poller (UNDP) to poll the CPU and/or Memory information you want.


The testing tool used:

SnmpWalk.exe - this is supplied with NPM.

Default Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion


Run an SNMP walk against the device, and check the results to see if the OID is supported or not.




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