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Node polled by WMI showing down but WMI test passed in SolarWinds NPM

Updated: October 20, 2017


Added a WMI node, and when testing the WMI credentials, the test is successful but the added node shows as down.


  • All versions of NPM



The node status is determined by ICMP. If unable to ping the node then it will show as down even though you can poll it via WMI.


  1. Test that you can ping the Node from the Orion Server. Node status is determined by ICMP. If you cannot ping the device from the Orion server then it will be marked as down.
  2. If ICMP is blocked then change the polling method to Agent polling.


About Agents 

An agent is a software that provides a communication channel between the Orion server and a Windows computer. Agents are used to provide packet-level traffic information about key devices and applications that you specify.

This can be beneficial in the following situations:

  • Allows for polling host and applications behind firewall NAT or proxies
  • Polling node and applications across multiple discrete networks that have overlapping IP address space
  • Allows for securely encrypted polling over a single port
  • Support for low bandwidth, high latency connections
  • Polling nodes across domains where no domain trusts have been established
  • Full end-to-end encryption between the monitored host and the Orion poller


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