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Home > Success Center > Network Performance Monitor (NPM) > Node list is empty migrating a polling engine

Node list is empty migrating a polling engine

Created by Eric Bryant, last modified by Ryan.Jewsbury on Apr 24, 2018

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This article explains the behavior seen in Manage Nodes after migration of the primary or additional polling engine to an entire new server. 

You may also see the Polling Details resource on the Node Details view empty as well:


NPM 11.5.X and later


This issue is commonly found when a new server is implemented and the old Orion server is decommissioned. If the migration steps located in the Migration Guide are not properly completed as exactly shown in the Admin Guide, there will be orphaned nodes with the wrong engineID. This happens when the nodes are not migrated after the old engine is removed from the database via Web Console > Settings > Polling Engines > Delete Unused Polling Engine.


  • Open Database Manager on the main Orion server.
  • Click Add Default Server.
  • Click + to expand Server.
  • Click + to expand Database.
  • Right click on the table 'AllEngines', and click Query Table.
  • Click Execute to run the query, which lists the contents of the table in the Results page.
  • Find the EngineID of the correct Primary engine:
  • Right click on the database and select 'New Query'.
  • Enter and update the following query to reflect the correct engine ID for Migrated polling engine:
    • Update [dbo].[NodesData] Set EngineID ='NewengineID' where EngineID ='PreviousEngineID'
  • Execute the query by clicking 'Execute Query' at the top of the window.


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