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No ping response from a node in Orion


This article addresses the issue where Orion does not receive a ping response from a node that Windows can ping successfully.


All NPM versions


When Orion performs a ping against a node and receives a response, it considers the node to be UP and working. If Orion does not receive a response, it considers the node to be DOWN.​


Sometimes, a node will respond to a ping from the Windows command prompt, but not from Orion. This is possibly due to the ICMP Data we include in the outgoing packets by default. Some devices (usually older equipment) does not want any data in that packet, and thus cannot/will not respond. When a node responds to ping, it must include the same data as in the request. If a node is unable to do that, then that field needs to be cleared out for it to respond.


If you encounter a node that is UP and responding to pings from Windows, but shows as DOWN in Orion, this ICMP Data field may be the cause. 



  1. On the Orion Web Console, go to Settings > Polling Settings.
  2. In the ICMP Data field, delete the text, leaving it blank.

This string is included within all ICMP packets sent by Orion NPM. The default text as of NPM 10.7 is SolarWinds Status Query.

The next time Orion polls the device (on the next polling cycle), Orion should see a response from the device and then mark it as UP.


Last modified
10:49, 24 Oct 2016