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No link utilization on Layer 3 connections in Network Atlas

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Updated July 12, 2017


When building links to network nodes in Network Atlas through Connect Now, Layer 3 connections are shown with no link utilization information, nor an option to be added, while link utilization for Layer 2 connections is shown.


All NPM versions


By design, Layer 2 connection-based data is more substantial than Layer 3 connection data when it comes to SNMP-based results. The data provided for Layer 2 in SNMP is able to further establish exact port-to-port connections between devices and interfaces than Layer 3-based data can. As such, there is no speculation on which interface the connection is going through, so the link in Network Atlas is able to confirm the interface data to place on that line.


Layer 3 data is less able to be established between port to port and interface information. With this in mind, the design for Connect Now automatically does not populate any interface data if the link is established via Layer 3 data.


If you prefer to have this changed or to use another method to add this link information, please contact SolarWinds Support and submit a feature request. They can submit this for you to the Development team where they will consider the request for possible future implementation. You can also create a forum-based feature request on our THWACK site listed here: NPM Feature Requests.


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