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Network Performance Monitor Training


Network Performance Monitor (NPM) training

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SolarWinds Academy - Foundations Series - Video

These short videos will show you how to utilize key features of Network Performance Monitor. 

Training videos for NPM 11.5 can be found here. These videos have translated subtitles in German, Spanish, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese.


SolarWinds Academy - Professional Training Series

Available for all customers with active maintenance.

Introduction to the Orion Platform

The SolarWinds Orion Platform hosts a suite of SolarWinds products, including NPM, SAM, NTA, and more. This class offers a product-neutral introduction to the Orion Core. We’ll cover web interface familiarization, discovering devices and applications, creating maps and custom views, and account management. 

Upcoming Dates: January 9th, February 14th

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Configuring the Orion Platform

Configuring the Orion Platform dives into advanced alerting and reporting with a product-neutral look at the tools and features available, including new web-based reports. We build custom alerts, look at object dependencies and custom properties, then create reports and integrate those reports into custom views. 

Upcoming Dates: January 10th, February 15th

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Advanced Monitoring with Orion NPM

This class digs into some of the more advanced monitoring mechanisms available. We’ll get away from the “out-of-the-box” object configs and default monitoring settings to create a customized monitoring environment. 

Upcoming Dates: January 18th, February  20th

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Scaling & Performance Tuning

This class focuses on maximizing performance. This means tuning your equipment to optimize its capabilities, tuning your polling intervals to capture the data you need without bogging down the database with less critical data, and adding additional pollers for load balancing and better network visibility.

Upcoming Dates: January 19th, February 21st

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SolarWinds Academy - Expert Series

Expert Series courses cover advanced product topics. If you are new to NPM, we recommend you start with the Getting Started Guide and the Professional Training Series first.

Streamline your monitoring operation with custom properties

Have you ever wanted to be able to report on what equipment is in a specific datacenter and rack? Do you need to create a custom view that only contains your production environment? Do you need to reduce alert noise? With custom properties, you can perform all these tasks easily. Custom properties are a HUGE time saver and are used to customize an optimize alerts, views and reports. Attend this training to learn: 
• What custom properties you should be creating 
• How to create advanced alerts using custom properties 
• How to create advanced reports using custom properties 

This training applies to all SolarWinds customers who own Orion Platform products (NPM, SAM, NTA, NCM, etc.). Presenters: Kevin Davalos, Consulting Engineer with Atlantic Digital; Leon Adato, Head Geek at SolarWinds. 

Date: September 21st, 10:30AM CST 

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Creating Custom Reports in the Orion Platform (SAM, NPM, etc.)

View the webcast replay in the Customer Portal.

Orion Database Maintenance & Troubleshooting Orion Web Performance

View the webcast replay in the Customer Portal.

SNMP: A classic, powerful muscle car for the modern monitoring age

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