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Network Performance Monitor v12.0 Upgrade Training - Video

Updated August 15th, 2016


View the webcast replay below. This webcast covers:

  • New features, how to configure and use them (Orion UI, NetPath, Network Insight for F5™ BIG-IP™) (~35 minutes)
  • How to plan for the upgrade, new resources to leverage (~10 min)
  • How to stage your environment to prepare for your upgrade (~5 min)


To see a shorter video on the upgrade process, click here. Check out the related resources for other NPM 12.0 upgrade resources.



  • NPM 12

Training FAQs

Q: Will other Orion® platform products need to be upgraded to get the new UI?

A: No, when you upgrade, all your other Orion products will also get the new UI. If you want to add additional product functionality, for example Active Directory discovery in SAM, then you will also want to upgrade SAM and other products. NetPath, a feature of NPM 12 also integrates with NCM and NTA so you will want upgrade to the latest versions of NCM and NTA to enable this integration. Read the release notes for each product to determine if you should upgrade. See the compatibility guide for a list of products that are compatible.   


Q: What Orion products are releasing around the same time as NPM 12?

A: The products that are releasing around the same time frame include:

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) v4.2
Network Configuration Manager (NCM) v7.5
Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) v6.3
Server & Application Monitor (SAM) v6.2.4
Engineer’s Toolset (ETS) v11.0.3
IP Address Manager (IPAM) v4.3.2
User Device Tracker (UDT) v3.2.4
VoIP & Network Quality Manager (VNQM) v4.2.4


Q: Does NPM support all switched stacks or just Cisco?

A: Virtually all switch stacks have been supported by NPM for quite some time. The new, advanced monitoring for stacking technology introduced in NPM 12 is specific to Cisco® SwitchStacks ® .


Q: Is NetPath® a feature of NPM or does it require a license?

A: NetPath is a feature of NPM, no additional cost for customers who already own NPM.


Q: Can you install the NetPath probe (agent) on Linux® servers?

A: No, NetPath probes are only supported on Windows today.


Q: Does NetPath use Traceroute?

A: No, NetPath crafts custom TCP packets to probe and discover the path.  It discovers more, and often works when Traceroute doesn't. 


Q: How many paths can a probe handle, and how many paths can I have in one Orion installation?

A: Each probe can handle 10 to 30 paths. Each poller can handle up to 100 paths, and each Orion instance can handle up to 1000 paths. In terms of load, a rough order of magnitude example is that a probe monitoring 9 paths takes about 75% of one CPU core.  More information available in the Scalability section of the Admin Guide for NetPath.


Q: What are the NPM 12 system requirements & NetPath port requirements?

A: See the NPM 12.0 requirements article for details. See the NPM 12.0 Administrator Guide for further information on NetPath. 


Q: The CPU processor check during the install requirements check, does it count how many CPUs the server has or only look at the speed of the processor?

A:The CPU processor check does count the number of cores available.  Speed of the cores is less of a concern.


Q: How is NetPath visibility across VPN tunnels?

A: For transit traffic, VPN tunnels hide layer 3 hops so NetPath shows the entire tunnel as a single hop.  Performance metrics and thresholding works, but the VPN tunnel counts as a single connection.  To get the path of the VPN tunnel, you'd want to setup a source where you have your VPN termination device and set the destination as, for example, port 10000 on the destination VPN termination device.


Want to learn more?

Check out the NPM 12.0 documentation page including the upgrade guide, requirements, compatibility with other products, migration guide, NPM 12 admin guide, and much more.



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