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Adding a New User Account - Video

Updated March 11th, 2016 


This video will demonstrate how to add a new user account. 




Orion Platform v2016 and above.

Server & Application Monitor  v6.2.4 and above

Network Performance Monitor v12 and above

Virtualization Manager

Network Traffic Analyzer         

Storage Resource Monitor  

Network Configuration Manager 

Web Performance Monitor

IP Address Manager

User Device Tracker                                                        

VoIP & Network Quality Manager

Video Transcript

In this video, we will talk about managing your Orion users. Adding new user accounts in Orion is pretty simple, but it’s also a very front loaded process. Here’s what we mean.

The workflow for creating new accounts should be to define the role of the user, then decide what information the user will need access to based on that role. Next you should create views that will provide that information. And after that, you’ll build menu bars that include links to the relevant views. Hopefully if you’re watching this video, you’ve already given some thought to the user accounts that you’ll be creating and have set up the views and built the menu bars. If you haven’t, you should probably pause this video and go do that first. Once that’s done, then you’re ready to start creating the user accounts.

So assuming that you have done all that, let’s create a new user. To set up a new user account, go to settings, user accounts, manage accounts.

Here you can see a list of all the user accounts that have been created. If you scroll over to the right you can see the basic account permissions. You can see when the user last logged on. You can edit the account, change passwords, or delete accounts if necessary. To add a new account, click on Add new account.

When you set up the account, you have three choices for the type of account you’ll create, Orion individual account, Windows individual or Windows group accounts.

The only difference between the two is how Orion will authenticate the users. If you choose a Windows account, Orion will authenticate the users through the active directory database and it can use pass through authentication so the users don’t have to log into the web console each time. When you select Orion individual account, you’ll create a user name and a password for the new user and that user will authenticate through the web console each time they log in. But other than how the accounts will authenticate, there’s no difference between an Orion individual account and a Windows account. The Windows account doesn’t inherit any sort of settings or permissions from the active directory. So other than the first step of setting up the authentication method, the account creation process is the same.

We're going to choose Orion individual account, so this user will be authenticating through the web console. Now we'll click next and pretend that we have a new application group owner we need to create an account for, so we'll set the user name and password, and move on to account settings.

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