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NPM 12.2 Hotfix 2

Updated: November 6, 2017

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 12.2 Hotfix 2 addresses the following issue:

  • Degraded server performance and overloaded message queue caused by incorrectly detected interface changes


SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor 12.2 Hotfix 2 is cumulative with Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 2 and with earlier NPM 12.2 hotfixes. It also addresses the issues covered by NPM 12.2 Hotfix 1 and Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 2.

Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 2 issues

SolarWinds Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 2 addresses the following issues:

  • Cannot resize columns in views to less than 390 px.
  • Mandatory custom properties are not enforced on multiple object types, such as nodes, volumes, groups, alerts, and reports.
  • Cannot monitor volume mount points on WMI nodes.
  • Configuration Wizard does not complete if your SQL user password contains special symbols.
  • When Real-Time metrics are collected in PerfStack™, the charts do not visibly update if the polled data takes longer to send than the polling interval.
  • Web user settings are deleted when the user authenticates through an AD group membership.


The hotfix is cumulative with SolarWinds Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 1 that includes the following updates:

SolarWinds Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 1 issues

SolarWinds Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 1 includes the following security updates:

  • Close potential XSS vulnerabilities in the Group Description field, Last_XX_Events resource, Events page, and error page.
  • Address CVE-2017-9539.
  • Address CVE-2017-9537.
  • Address CVE-2017-9538.
  • Remove generic errors that may expose the physical server path.
  • Generate certificates for both servers and clients.
  • Log debug or warning messages when “Client usage” is not chosen in the selected certificate.


SolarWinds Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 1 addresses the following issues:

  • Password fields allowed auto-complete.

  • The Manage Alerts page displays $ signs instead of variables.
  • Node limitations are applied incorrectly on tertiary-level hosted entities, such as application components, in container members.
  • Account limitations to display no objects are not correctly applied when viewing hosted entities in container members.
  • Borders around popups in bar graphs are bigger than the popup in Chrome.
  • Cannot add more than one variable in the mail recipients section in the Send an Email/Page alert action.
  • The bundled SNMP Walk tool is an earlier version.
  • Installations behind proxy servers may not be able to connect to Leapfile to upload diagnostic files.
  • Ok, got it dialog does not dismiss correctly.
  • NOC mode for ASA Node Details page does not load in a timely fashion.
  • ASA-related charts do not load in the Node Details’ subviews.
  • Orion Platform does not support later versions of DPAIM.
  • Toolset menus do not display in the correct area.
  • The Orion Web Console is unresponsive when hovering over Toolset buttons in the management resource.
  • The Orion Web Console does not display the top menu and shows errors on other pages when client certificate authentication is enabled in IIS.

NPM 12.2 Hotfix 1 issues

  • CLI polling does not work because of the TotalConnectionsNumberExceeded exception

  • When Orion Services are restarted, ASA business layer plugin does not start

  • VPN tunnels with host names are duplicated on the Site to Site VPN subview of Node Details for ASA

  • There is an error in the ASA log: RemoteAccessSessionDetail cannot be serialized

  • In the NOC mode, ASA charts do not display correctly on the ASA Node Details - Platform subview

  • NOC mode for the Node Details for ASA view does not work in Chrome

  • On the VPN Site to Site subview, you can see Up tunnels that are not configured on the device

  • Additional Polling Engines, Additional Web Servers, and HA backup cannot be installed

  • ASA remote access VPN tunnels are not displayed on the Node Details for ASA - Remote Access subview

  • NetPath: higher memory consumption as a result of a connection leak when NetPath is integrated with NTA



Apply this hotfix if you run any of the following SolarWinds products: 

  • NPM 12.2


  • This hotfix requires SolarWinds Orion Platform 2017.3.
  • This hotfix must be installed on the main polling engine, on any additional polling engines or web servers, and High Availability servers.


  1. Use an administrator account to log in to the server that hosts your SolarWinds Orion installation.
  2. Log in to the Customer Portal and download the installer:
    • To install the hotfix on an Orion server with Internet access, download Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) for Online Installation (your license tier). The Orion Installer downloads and installs the hotfix for you.
    • To install the hotfix on an offline environment, download the Hotfix Bundle for Products with Orion 2017.3.
  3. Run the installation file, and follow the instructions in the installation wizard.

After applying this fix, the issues outlined in the description should no longer occur.

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Install the Hotfix with SolarWinds HA

Use these instructions to install the hotfix with SolarWinds HA.

The HA pool must be disabled to begin installation. If you install prior to disabling, the pool is automatically disabled.

  1. In the Orion Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > High Availability Deployment Summary.
  2. Select the pool you want to disable.
  3. Toggle High Availability to Off.
  4. Install the hotfix on the primary server in the pool.
  5. Install the hotfix on the secondary server in the pool.
  6. In the Orion Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > High Availability Deployment Summary.
  7. Select the pool you want to enable and toggle High Availability to On.

The Orion Web Console verifies all SolarWinds product versions match across the HA pair before enabling. If you receive errors, check your product versions.

You may need to recreate the HA pool. For details, see Set up an HA pool.


You may need to run the Configuration wizard manually after uninstalling the hotfix.


  1. Use an administrator account to log in to the server that hosts your SolarWinds Orion installation.
  2. Run the Orion Service Manager, click Shutdown Everything, and close the Orion Service Manager.
  3. Navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > View installed updates.
  4. Select "Update for SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor v12.2 (HF2)", click Uninstall, and complete the uninstallation wizard.
  5. Select "Update for SolarWinds Orion NetPath v1 (HF1)", click Uninstall, and complete the uninstallation wizard.
  6. To also uninstall Orion Platform 2017.3 Hotfix 1, complete the following steps:
    1. Select "Update for SolarWinds Orion Core Services 2017.3 (HotFix1)", click Uninstall, and complete the uninstallation wizard.
    2. Select "Update for SolarWinds Information Service v2017.3.0.808 (HotFix1)" click Uninstall, and complete the uninstallation wizard.
  7. If you have NCM 7.7 Hotfix 1 or Hotfix 2 installed, go to Programs and Features, right-click SolarWinds NCM, and select Repair.

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