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NPM 10.6 Release Notes

Created by Magdalena.Markova, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Mar 30, 2017

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Updated 10/31/2013


Congratulations on your purchase of SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM). SolarWinds NPM provides a comprehensive fault and performance monitoring platform that allows you to collect and view availability and both realtime and historical statistics directly from your web browser. While monitoring, collecting, and analyzing data from routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and any other SNMP- or WMI-enabled devices, SolarWinds NPM successfully offers a simple-to-use, scalable network monitoring solution for IT professionals managing any size network.

If you have applied Service Packs or Hotfixes to your product, they were delivered with readme.txt files. These files contain fixes that supercede the information found in the Release Notes.

These release notes provide additional guidance for SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) 10.6.

New SolarWinds NPM Features and Improvements

This version of SolarWinds NPM includes the following features:

Universal Device Pollers (UnDP) on Maps

  • View custom poller values on Network Atlas maps
  • Improved interface for defining UnDP thresholds

Cancel Scheduled Unmanage Actions Directly from Node Management


Product Integration: NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

  • Monitor network bandwidth and traffic patterns
  • Identify which users, applications and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth
  • Highlight the IP address of top talkers
  • Analyze Cisco® NetFlow, Juniper® J-Flow, sFlow®, Huawei NetStream™ and IPFIX
  • » Learn more about NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

Product Integration: Virtualization Manager

  • View maps & performance of your virtual environment in context of the applications monitored in SAM
  • Identify storage IO problems in your VMware and Hyper-V infrastructure
  • » Learn more about Virtualization Manager

Alert Central 1.1 is Now Available (and It's Free!) 
Alert Central is a new free product intended to help you get the right alerts to the right people at the right time. Core features include:

  • Alert centralization and escalation
  • Group-centric management (with Active Directory integration)
  • Multiple on-call calendars per-group
  • Out of the box two-way integration with Orion alerting
  • Support for almost any third party and non-Orion source via email
  • Acknowledgement and escalation via both email and web interface
  • Advanced routing rules that let you slice and dice routing policies based on properties of the email/alerts
  • A weekly summary report with important stats
  • A web UI that works in browsers and mobile devices (as long as you can reach the AC server via VPN or internal network)
  • Plain text, rich text, and short text (for use with SMS) email templates
  • » Learn more about Alert Central

New Orion Core Features and Improvements

This version of Orion Core includes the following features:

Web-based Reporting

  • Create and edit reports from within the Orion Web Console
  • Include both custom charts and custom tables

Worldwide Map of Orion Nodes Resource

  • Show Orion objects on MapQuest maps in the Orion Web Console
  • OpenStreetMap support enables custom locations and map styles

Improved Filtering for Syslog and Traps Messages

Fixed SolarWinds NPM Issues

This version of SolarWinds NPM includes the following fixes:

Issue Case Number
The Edit Interface Custom Property resource now allows custom property value updates, as designed. 438679, 477810
Hardware sensor alerts may now use node properties to define trigger conditions. 443253
Reverse DNS lookup is now performed for monitored wireless clients. 444247
Support for polling of physical interfaces on F5 devices introduced in this version of NPM has corrected issues caused by inaccurate topology data. 452409
An issue resulting in missing or incorrect data in the new charts introduced with NPM version 10.4 has been fixed. 453937, 463661
NPM no longer reports Juniper fans with Warning status when they are in the RunningAtFullSpeed operational state. 461138
Colors used to show interface percent utilization are now consistent between interface tooltips and interface resources. 462964
An issue preventing the correct reporting of energy usage by EnergyWise-enabled Cisco 4200 devices has been fixed. 463022
The link to "What are some common formulas" online help for Universal Device Poller transforms has been fixed. 464409
Hardware Health charts and resources can now correctly show all historical sensor data. 473006
NPM now uses BIGIP-SYSTEM-MIB instead of IF-MIB to poll for interface data on F5 devices, as recommended by F5. 474915
Universal Device Poller transforms can now correctly handle commas (,) as decimal separators. 475847
Interfaces may now be deleted or removed directly from parent nodes that are monitored by additional polling engines. 478819
All available routing information is now reported for multicast-enabled devices, even if the multicast-enabled device is not available when a Network Discovery is initiated. 479110
Multicast traffic is now reported correctly for both VLAN-switched multicast devices and hardware-switched multicast devices. 480178
A condition resulting in false flapping route alerts has been corrected. 480183
An issue related to the colors used to display series data in interface charts has been fixed. 483431
Interface filtering is now available for discoveries where the same parent node may be a result discovered under multiple discovery profiles. 485225
Database deadlocks and data processing service terminations related to multicast polling have been corrected. 498498
NPM now correctly identifies Cisco 5700 Series Wireless LAN Controller devices as wireless controllers, and appropriate wireless views are now associated. 508226

Fixed Orion Core Issues

This version of Orion Core includes the following fixes:

Issue Case Number
Multiple reporting issues have been addressed with the new web console reporting feature. 167647, 167918, 186249, 194054, 194183, 207868, 210024, 218254, 220882, 242888, 246062, 271544, 272142, 272399, 285613, 344788, 372859, 432216, 454186, 481582, 490142, 495205
The new Worldwide Map of Nodes resource uses OpenStreetMap maps to provide truly global mapping capabilities. 187367
An issue preventing web console access to users in the default Domain Admins Windows group has been fixed. 213069
Enhancements to trap and syslog message handling in this version of NPM include alert rule import/export and copy/paste and improved rule ordering. 404979, 477366
Support for polling and correctly representing F5 devices with multiple CPUs has been restored. 217527, 452415
SysObjectIDs for the following devices have been updated: Cisco ME-3400-24FS-A, Cisco ME-3600X-24FS-M, Cisco ME-3600X-24TS-M, Cisco uBR7225VXR, and Cisco WS-C3560CG-8TC-S. 423263
SNMPv3 polling of AIX, VMware ESXi 5.1, Radware Linkproof, and RuggedCom devices is now supported. 423934, 429113, 461717, 475249
Valid field formatting changes related to decimal precision are now accepted in Custom Table report resources. 424408
Export to PDF has been fixed for web console charts, views, and resources. 436116, 461490, 464237, 486135
SNMP RW community strings are no longer revealed on Summary View audit resources. 438345
Volume sizes and usage are now correctly reported for the mountpoints of Cluster Storage Volumes (CSVs), even when they cannot be distinguished by serial number. 440267
Autofill is now correctly enabled for community string fields, and characters ' and \ are now accepted as valid in community strings. 445475
An issue resulting in incorrectly parsed Counter64-type trap messages has been fixed. 454716
An issue related to the correct display of charts during Daylight Savings Time (DST) has been corrected. 454768
Absolute file paths are no longer displayed in error messages generated within the web console. 456950
"Group of groups" limitations now function correctly when applied to groups and dependencies. 465397
A typo in the vendor name for recognized Isilon Systems devices has been corrected. 468642
An issue related to the colors used to display series data in some charts has been fixed. 477653, 487850
An issue causing the appearance of unlabeled data series in web console charts has been corrected. 477653, 490563
Dates may now be included in report titles. 491874
It is now possible to copy trap alerts directly within the SolarWinds database. 492397
Map resource titles and subtitles may now be edited. 501843

Known SolarWinds NPM Issues

This version of SolarWinds NPM includes the following known issues:

Area Description
Active Directory The Email a Web Page alert action does not function as designed for users who are logged in to the web console using an Active Directory account or group. This is a known issue that may be addressed in a future release.
Alerts If you are using an Active Directory account for authentication into the web console, you may experience a session timeout when attempting to execute an Email a web page alert action.
  To resolve this issue, wait for the session timeout to expire (this may take upwards of 20 minutes), and then restart the Alerting Engine service.
Auditing The default Auditing Trails Retention setting value (365 days) may result in an excessively large auditing table and significant database performance issues.
  To resolve this issue, log in to the web console as an administrator, click Settings > Polling Settings, and then change the default Auditing Trails Retention value.
  Note: You may also reduce the size of the auditing table in your database by opting to audit fewer event types.
Charts · On upgrade to the new format, old format charts with the setting Time period for Chart set to Last 2 Hours may have the configured time period changed.
  To resolve this issue, reconfigure the Time period for Chart setting to Last 2 Hours for all affected charts.
· Charts that are included in new web console reports are not currently available for export to .XLS. This capability is expected in a future release.
Custom Properties Custom property export to .XLS fails when a Definition column is included. For more information, see this article.
ESX Monitoring When adding or updating an ESX server as a monitored node, you may need to refresh the view before successfully changing the provided IP address.
FIPS SolarWinds installations on Windows server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 require a Microsoft hotfix to realize the FIPS-compatibility features of SolarWinds products. For more information about this required Microsoft hotfix, see
Groups The Add New Group button is not available on the Manage Groups of the web console when it is viewed using Google Chrome browser with the AdBlock plugin.
Interface Indices Interface indices are maintained in both the Interfaces table and the NPM_Routing table of the SolarWinds database. Because these tables are polled on different polling intervals, the same interface may have different indices in each table as interfaces are remapped on independent polling intervals.
NetFlow Traffic Analyzer Integration Settings for resources specific to NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) are not available for editing when NTA resources are included in new web console reports.
Network Atlas Under certain specific conditions, Network Atlas may fail to complete file synchronization with the SolarWinds database. This failure has been linked to Network Atlas users who have insufficient permissions to access the Network Atlas synchronization folder. Confirm that the user logged in to Network Atlas is able to access the Network Atlas synchronization folder.
Node Management Due to the format used for dates in some non-English languages, Group by: operations may result in Internal server errors.
To address this condition, change the default language for your database to English.
This condition may be fixed in a future release.
Nodes Non-Cisco nodes may not display operating system versions in Node Details resources.
Polling Engines In environments using multiple polling engines, it is not currently possible to directly select an object's polling engine as a grouping criterion ("GroupBy") for custom resources and reports. It is, however, possible to use the Dynamic Query Builder in Advanced Mode to create conditions and filters based PollingEngineID. Direct grouping by polling engine is expected to be available in a future release.
Reports · Sorting by title is not currently available for Interface Availability reports.
· SolarWinds Orion EOC reports must not have the same name as existing NPM reports.
· Report logos do not display correctly when the report is created in a web console running on Internet Explorer 7.
· Charts that are included in new web console reports are not currently available for export to .XLS. This capability is expected in a future release.
· When using SWQL to build a custom report, ORDER BY conditions are not respected. Data may be sorted from the Edit Table view for the affected report.
Routing Data OSPF/BGP neighbor status is not currently supported for monitored IPv6 nodes.
Security Using a Password as a Key is not available for SHA1 authentication. As SHA1 authentication is the only FIPS-compatible method, the Password as a Key option is not available for FIPS-enabled environments.
SolarWinds Toolset Integration The SolarWinds Toolset Integration for the Orion Web Console is unable to install automatically on Windows Server 2008 R2 due to an Internet Explorer version 8 (IE8) security feature. As a result, whenever the web console opens a view containing resources that can use the Toolset integration, a warning dialog displays. If you want to install the Toolset integration, click More Options, and then click Always Install. If you do not want to install the Toolset integration, click More Options, and then click Never Install.
Virtualization The Virtualization link on the Home menu bar displays for all users if a SolarWinds installation uses the default web console menu bar, even if account limitations intended to prevent access to the virtualization tab apply.
Web Console With the next release of SolarWinds NPM, SolarWinds will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.


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