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NPM 11.5.X Hotfixes

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Created by Flavio Porfirio Correia, last modified by Magdalena.Markova on Nov 09, 2017

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This article provides Hotfixes for NPM version 11.5, 11.5.2, and 11.5.3.


  • NPM version 11.5
  • NPM version 11.5.2
  • NPM version 11.5.3


NPM 11.5.3 Hotfix 1

This hot fix addresses the following issues:

  • High CPU utilization when processing multicast data
  • UnDP utility fails because of an unspecified exception

NPM 11.5.2 Hotfix 4

This hot fix addresses the following issues:

  • Data polled using the Multicast Routing poller are associated with incorrect timestamps. Instead of the time when the data were polled, the current time is recorded.    
  • Multicast Routing poller returns 0 for incoming bits per second but values greater than 0 for incoming packets per second. This is because counters for PPS and BPS are calculated as 0.
  • Multi-cast data are not processed and recorded. When polling multicast data, you might see the following error in the DataProcessor.log:
    • System.Exception: Error in PrepareParameters: parameterName: SourcePps parameterType: Single parameterValue: 0  Original error: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.
  • Incorrect SSID is displayed for Ruckus wireless clients.

The hotfix is cumulative with SolarWinds NPM 11.5.2 Hotfixes 3 & 2 and also addresses the following issues:

  • If Database Maintenance starts before midnight, and the maintenance of interface tables is not completed before midnight, you may lose interface statistics.
  • When creating a report on interfaces, the Details URL property is not available
  • Interface names in the Orion Web Console contain lot of trailing zeros.
  • Low processing performance of UnDP DataProcessing results in UnDP resources showing old data or in a long MSMQ queue.

Note: This hotfix is not cumulative with SolarWinds NPM 11.5.2 HotFix 1. Hotfix 1 can be installed separately anytime.

NPM 11.5.2 Hotfix 1

This Hot Fix provides a license-free version of QoE (v2.0.5) for use in NPM

NPM 11.5 Hotfix 1

Hotfix 1 addresses the following issues:

  • Interfaces: Re-running the Configuration Wizard sets both the warning and critical thresholds for Interface Utilization Forecasting Charts to 0%.
  • Wireless: Wireless controller polling stops when a new access point is detected and appears in the Orion Web Console.
  • Wireless Heat Maps: Taking signal samples in a wireless heat map fails when one of the access points on the wireless heat map cannot see the device you are taking the signal sample with.
  • Alerting: In Alert messages, the ${N=SwisEntity;M=DetailsUrl} macro does not translate for interfaces.
  • Install Hotfix 1 on your primary Orion poller, on any additional Orion pollers(s), and on any additional websites.


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