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NET-SNMP memory calculation

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Created by Tiarnan Stacke, last modified by Mariusz Handke on Nov 28, 2016

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The following outlines how Orion calculates the Memory Utilization of Net-SNMP devices.


All versions of NPM


For Net-SNMP the following OIDs will be used:

Total RAM in machine:
Total RAM available:
Total RAM Buffered:
Total Cached Memory:

The way that we work out the percentage is as follows:

Total RAM in machine - Total RAM Available = Total RAM Used
(12198828 - 459380 = 11739448)


Total RAM Used - Cached Memory - RAM Buffered = Used Memory
(11739448 - 6583736 - 60 = 5155652)


The values we put into the Database will be:

Total RAM in machine & Used Memory but we first multiply the value by 1024
12198828 *  1024  = 12491599872 (Total RAM)
5155652 *  1024  = 5279387648   (Used Memory)


To get the percentage:
(Used Memory / Total RAM) * 100
(5279387648 / 12491599872) * 100 = 42.26%


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05:24, 28 Nov 2016