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Multiple running Config Wizard instances detected

Updated March 11th, 2016



Running the Configuration Wizard after a failed installation or configuration may display the following error:

Multiple running ConfigWizard instances detected! There can be simultaneously running only one ConfigWizard instance over one database.   The active instance is running on <machine-name>.


You are experiencing this issue if the Configuration Wizard is not running on any poller and you receive this message. 


This scenario is possible within any Orion module. It is more commonly seen in environments with additional polling engines and/or additional websites.


There is an active instance recorded in the Settings table of the Orion database.



  1. Run the following query to check if and where the Configuration Wizard thinks another instance is already running:
SELECT * FROM [dbo].[Settings] where SettingID like '%CW-ActiveInstance-%'
  1. If the result shows an entry for CW-ActiveInstance-MP as shown in the image, and you have verified that the Configuration Wizard is not running on that machine, delete the entry from the Settings table by executing the following:
DELETE FROM [dbo].[Settings] where SettingID like '%CW-ActiveInstance-%'

Note: To make sure that the Configuration Wizard is not running, log in to check and stop the Wizard.  If the configuration wizard is running on that server allow it to complete there before trying to run it on another server.

image2015-3-16 11-56-23.png



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