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Missing BGP and OSPF routing neighbors in Routing Neighbor resource view

Updated July 5, 2017


This article describes how to determine missing routing neighbors for BGP and OSPF on the Routing Neighbors resource view. All routing neighbors are available when verified from the device via CLI or GUI.


NPM 11.0 or later 


Orion is polling the routing neighbor information for BGP using OID and OSPF using OID The device is not returning values for BGP and OSPF OIDs.


  1. Make sure that the Routing Neighbors interface is selected and monitored under List Resources.
  2. Check the Routing Neighbors table in Orion Database Manager and see if routing neighbors are found.
  3. Run SNMPWalk on the device.
  4. Perform a search using the BGP neighbor table OID and OSPF neighbor table OID
  5. Locate the missing routing neighbor IP address. 
  6. If it is not found, then this is an issue with the device not returning a value for the SNMP request. Consult your device manufacturer about the missing routing neighbors.


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