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This course offers customers an introduction to SolarWinds Backup, focusing on configuring the backup technology, taking backups, data restoration and data security. It is a great primer and will get you up to speed quickly on SolarWinds Backup.
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Support for OpsGenie Integration

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Updated February 9, 2017


This article provides information pertaining to the OpsGenie Integration tool in relation to support for questions or problems that may arise with their use.


Orion Core (all versions)


When it comes to customer questions, concerns or issues using the OpsGenie integration in general, it's natural to seek out the technical support of SolarWinds for assistance. However, the OpsGenie integration use is not a component of the SolarWinds licensing model and as such, does not fall under the coverage of Technical Support. Technical Support is devoted to currently licensed applications and modules in good standing.


This does not mean though that SolarWinds is unwilling to help or assist, it simply means that the support and assistance for this is conducted somewhere else outside of technical support. For such questions or issues that you may encounter, you can find assistance within our Thwack community and OpsGenie site dedicated to the OpsGenie integration located here:

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