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Home > Success Center > Network Performance Monitor (NPM) > Long load time on Node Details view due to SWQL queries

Long load time on Node Details view due to SWQL queries

Updated 24th Aug 2017


The Node Details page takes long to load due to SWQL queries running in the background. The queries are related to Switch Stacks, although no Cisco Switch Stacks are monitored.

Queries causing the issue:


The Hubble web server response analyzer shows that database time is 80-95%.



The issue is caused by NPM.Node.SwitchStack, that has dozens of extra SWQL statements all 100-300 ms, and thus causes the extra load.


Hubble showed: NPM.Node.SwitchStack.  For more information about Hubble, see Turn on Hubble.

46 306.77 Web SWQL  
SELECT TOP 1 InstanceID FROM Orion.TechnologyPollingAssignments
WHERE TechnologyPollingID = @technologyPollingId                       
AND TargetEntity = @targetEntity AN InstanceID = @nodeId                         
AND Enabled = True RETURN XML RAW (nodeId=599, technologyPollingId=NPM.Node.SwitchStack, targetEntity=Orion.Nodes)


To resolve the issue, use the following workarounds:

Copy the Node Details view and reassign it to your nodes

  1. Click Settings > All Settings > Manage Views, and use the Node Details view as a template for creating a view.
  2. Set all nodes to use the copy of the original node details through Settings > All Settings > Views by Device Type.

The issue should be resolved.

Delete the Switch Stack subview

  1. On the Node Details view, click the pencil icon > Page Settings.
  2. In the Left Navigation area, delete the Switch Stack subview.image.png

Loading the Node Details view should be faster, for example instead of 10 seconds, the load time should be down to 0.8 seconds.




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