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Troubleshoot an SNMP Node/SNMP Test Failed result

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This article discusses how to troubleshoot an SNMP Node/SNMP Test Failed result in Orion.


All NPM versions



It may be that the user has done everything on the node to configure SNMP and still get the TEST FAILED result in Orion.

  • Verify that you have restarted the SNMP service on the node after changing the community string (IF Required / Applied).
  • Verify that you have disabled the Windows firewall on both the Orion and the Windows node you are trying to add (a Target Node).
  • Verify you are able to ping the node from the Orion Server.
  • Add a remote site node and make sure that the firewall rules/NAT are configured to allow SNMP traffic. This could be an issue when the firewall could block the SNMP traffic over the VPN for the remote site or not allow even pass through.
  • Some firewall is required to enable ICMP/SNMP on an interface level. Even if you have configured SNMP, it should still be allowed on the interface level. (Below is an example from SonicWall Firewall )

    Do not use the @ sign in the SNMP community string. (© 2013-2015 Lindsay Hill, available at, obtained on April 11, 2017.)

    interface snmp.jpg

Verify and isolate the issue for SNMP (communication) using SNMP Test Orion with Wireshark:

  1. Install Wireshark on the Orion server.
  2. Start capturing data with the required filter according to your Node IP.
    ip.addr == 192.XXX.XXX.XXX && udp.port == 161 (Click Apply) (Please Change the IP address according to your Node).
  3. Go to the Orion page and try to add the node. You will get the Test Failed message:
    SNMP1 Test failed.jpg
  4. Check Wireshark and verify the response from the node.
    Orion sends 3 requests and if no response is received from the node, you will get the Test Failed message.
    This is to confirm that Orion has not received any response back from the node and the Result is TRUE as Failure.
    No rquest .jpg


Requirement to pass the test

Test passed.jpg


Orion Sent get-request to determine the SNMP connectivity which responded by the Node with valid Information:

Test passed value requested.jpg

In the Response packet, the value should be returned in packet.

This should not be NULL. If there is no value returned in packet, the test will fail.


value returned .jpg


Make sure that the device setup has read access permit to the SNMP and interface features.



The SNMP test will also fail if these OID's are not returned. Make sure you are able to reach these OID's when running SNMPWALK:

  • sysdescr
  • sysobjectid
  • sysuptime


To run SNMPWALK for the node, see Run SolarWinds SNMPWalk.



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