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WorldWide Map Auto Placement fails if the Latitude or Longitude ends in 0

Created by Travis.Hebbert, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Feb 05, 2018

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Updated October 13, 2017


If there is a trailing '0' in the Latitude or Longitude value of the SNMP Location field, this will cause the Auto Placement feature of the WorldWide map to fail for that node.


The following is an example of an SNMP Location field, using Latitude and Longitude, that failed to resolve during Auto Placement:

Location: 45.13460,-93.09620


  • NPM 12.0.1 or higher.



To work around this, you can either verify that the Latitude and Longitude values for 'Location' don't end in '0':

Location: 45.1346,-93.0962


Or, you can add a trailing 1 to the end of the value:

Location: 45.134601,-93.096201


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