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Verify the Hardware Health Sensor status of Arista devices

Updated June 13, 2017


This article provides information on how to verify the Hardware Health Sensor status of Arista devices.

The Hardware Health Sensor status of nodes is based on their sensor value (entPhySensorValue) compared to its threshold value and not the operational status (entPhySensorOperStatus). You can find the list of different Hardware Health Sensor OIDs here.

The following example shows three sensors in critical status displayed in the Web Console:



The value received from the sensors needs to be checked to verify the status.


All Orion Platform versions supporting Hardware Health Sensor monitoring for Arista


  1. Run SNMP Walk on the device and get all the available OIDs.
  2. Locate the sensor strings in the SNMP Walk file by using the entPhysicalDescr . OID. The following strings are found based on the above example:

    . = STRING: " TX Bias Sensor for Ethernet5"

    . = STRING: " TX Power Sensor for Ethernet5"

    . = STRING: " RX Power Sensor for Ethernet5"

    . = STRING: " Voltage Sensor for Ethernet5"
    Note: The highlighted numbers can be used as a unique identifier of each sensor to easily locate the sensors.

  3. Locate the current value of these sensors using the entPhySensorValue OID. See the following example:

    . = INTEGER: 0

    . = INTEGER: -1000000000

    . = INTEGER: -1000000000

    . = INTEGER: 331

  4. Round off the Integer results to match values displayed on the Web Console. The values can be used to verify if they are beyond the threshold set by the vendor.

Additional information

These are the OIDs used by Arista with configured sensor threshold values for either below and above the warning and critical level.

Sensor OID

Using the screenshot from the Web Console as an example, use the OIDs for the Critical status, not Low and High. The values based on the SNMP Walk results are as follows:


. = INTEGER: 100

. = INTEGER: 891

. = INTEGER: 251

. = INTEGER: 297



. = INTEGER: 1500

. = INTEGER: 14125

. = INTEGER: 14125

. = INTEGER: 360


The values for each sensor in entPhySensorValue can now be checked if they are within the threshold range set by the vendor. In our example, the current value of  the first three sensors (TX Bias Sensor for Ethernet5, TX Power Sensor for Ethernet5, and RX Power Sensor for Ethernet5) are below the sensor's critical threshold resulting to a Critical status.The value in the fourth sensor (Voltage Sensor for Ethernet5) is within the accepted threshold.


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