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VIM Issue connecting to vCenter or ESX via Proxy? The remote server returned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required.

Created by Kevin Twomey, last modified by Eric Bryant on Oct 14, 2016

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In some cases, NPM might be unable to poll managed VMWare Virtual Center after a SolarWinds update, even though it worked fine before the upgrade.
Connecting via Proxy = Yes
Cannot ADD ESX or vCENTER - PROXY Required Yes\N


  • NPM 11.5.2


In versions of NPM earlier than 11.5, if you have updated the DLL configuration files, these files are overwritten during an upgrade and your changes must be reapplied.

Note: Post 11.5.x, we are working on building these settings are built into the Database, so you should no longer lose these settings if migrate or upgrade. Once implemented settings will be at: 


For more information about disabling the proxy server so that Orion Virtualization Monitor will not use it when polling vCenters, see this article.

The following configuration files need to have the defaultProxy setting disabled:

  • SolarWinds.VIM.Pollers.dll.config
  • SolarWinds.VIM.VMware.Jobs.dll.config
  • SolarWinds.VIM.Collector.dll.config 

To update these configuration files:

  1. Navigate to c:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\VIM\ on your Orion server.
  2. Back up the following files: 
    • SolarWinds.VIM.Pollers.dll.config
    • SolarWinds.VIM.VMware.Jobs.dll.config 
    • SolarWinds.VIM.Collector.dll.config
    • SolarWinds.VIM.BusinessLayer.dll.config
  3. Change the SolarWinds.VIM.Pollers.dll.config file so it will contain the following setting.
    It needs to be added as a child element of the configuration element. It disables the proxy.
       <!--Specifies whether a web proxy is used. The default value is true.-->
       <defaultProxy enabled="false" />
  4.  Make the same change to the remaining files:
    • SolarWinds.VIM.VMware.Jobs.dll.config 
    • SolarWinds.VIM.Collector.dll.config
    • SolarWinds.VIM.BusinessLayer.dll.config
  5. Restart Orion Services.
  6. Wait some minutes so new polling job gets executed. The polling should be working fine.



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