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Use the Poller Checker tool

Updated October 29, 2018


With the Poller Checker tool, you can detect pollers on monitored nodes or volumes, poll the devices and see the polled details, or update pollers that are currently assigned to the device in the database.

Updating pollers may help resolve issues when polled statistics are incorrect or unexpected.


  • Orion Platform products


View pollers on a node

  1. Go to C: > Program Files (x86) > SolarWinds > Orion > PollerCheckerTool.exe.
  2. Run the executable. (as an administrator)
  3. Select Polling Method = SNMP.
  4. Verify that Test on = Nodes.
  5. From the leftmost column, select the node to be assigned/supported pollers.
  6. On the second column, select which of the related components you wish to check the assigned/supported pollers.

    You can select all related pollers, or expand the components and select single pollers.

  7. Click Detect pollers. The pane on the right lists pollers for the selected components (middle pane) for the entities selected in the leftmost pane. Supported pollers are green.


  8. To verify what a poller returns, right-click it and select Poll Now. Review the results in the popup window.

Update pollers for an entity

When you have verified and confirmed the pollers on the selected node, you can change the pollers assigned to poll the node.

Updating the poller assignments in the database updates the Pollers table:
  • Detected pollers that are missing are added.
  • Existing pollers are replaced with their detected equivalents.
  • Pollers without detected equivalents are kept untouched.

Updating poller assignments cannot be undone.

  1. Run the Poller Checker, list pollers for the nodes, and check the polled details.
  2. To assign a poller to the node selected in the leftmost pane, select the poller in the pane on the right, and click Add/Replace Pollers. Use supported pollers (green lines).
  3. Review the confirmation message and click Yes to proceed. The pollers assigned in the database to selected node are added or replaced by similar detected pollers according to your settings.

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