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Upgrading if you have Custom Code

Created by Lori Krell_ret, last modified by Melanie Boyd on May 04, 2018

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Have you written your own code in any Solarwinds module? If so, that code will be overwritten by the upgrade process.

You will likely NOT be affected if...

… you use the SolarWinds web console to write your own scripts for:

  • SAM monitors
  • WPM players
  • Universal Device Poller (UnDP) monitors
  • Alerts (also includes those using the WIN32 utility)
  • Report (also includes those using the WIN32 utility)

…you use the SolarWinds web console to change configurations such as:

  • Page customizations (adding/removing/moving resources on the page)
  • View customizations
  • Menu customizations
  • Color theme customizations
  • Custom header image

You WILL be affected if... have manually changed files in the SolarWinds website directory (e.g. \inetpub\solarwinds\) on the Orion server. For example, you will be affected if you have:

  • Changed .css files to have customized colors, fonts, or formats.
  • Added your own .ascx and .ascx.cs files for your page resources.
  • Added image files to the website directory, or overwritten any of the SolarWinds-deployed image files.

  • Changed any SolarWinds .aspx, .config, .cs, or .js files to perform additional logic beyond the out-of-the-box options.

How do I know if I have any of these changes?

  • You or others run your own copy files command after you upgrade or run the Configuration Wizard.
  • You or others edit files by hand after upgrades.
  • You or others run scripts on the website directory after upgrades.
  • You have files or folders in your website directory that are not in the default SolarWinds website deployment.

What should I do?

If you have custom code, we recommend that you:

  • Download a trial of the newest version to a test VM. Test and correct your code before upgrading on your production deployment.
  • Before upgrading, back up any customized files from your production server. All files will be overwritten by the upgrade process.

Please note that custom code is unsupported by SolarWinds.

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