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Unexpected website error: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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An unexpected website error appears after an NPM upgrade installation:

ErrorType: System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException


The default view Node Details which NPM loads is missing or was deleted erroneously.


Perform the global and account level settings (steps I & II) to resolve the issue. If the issue still exists, create a copy of an existing view and set it as default view (step III).

You may create a new Node Details view or use the already created custom view called Node Details - Cisco Devices.

I. Views by Device Type (Global Settings)

  1. Click Web Console > Settings > Views > Views By Device Type.
  2. Change the vendor machine type to the desired Node Details - Cisco Devices.
  3. Click Submit.

II. Node Details Package Settings (Account Settings)

  1. Click Web Console > Settings > Manage Accounts.
  2. Select your account, and then click Edit.
  3. Click  to expand the Network Interface Settings.
  4. Change the Interface Details View from By Device Type to Interface Details.
  5. Click Submit.

III. Manage Views

  1. Click Web Console > Settings > Manage Views.
  2. Select a View, and then click Copy.
  3. Select the new Copy of the view, and then click Edit.
  4. Make the necessary changes and set this view as the default view.
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