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Unable to monitor performance counters

Created by Milton Harris, last modified by Karen Valdellon_ret on Jun 20, 2017

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Updated June 20, 2017


Performance counter components that reference the ASP.NET counters are showing as gray for IIS servers with the AppInsight template.


The following error is shown in the Debug logs:

Network path not found for SELECT Name, Caption, State, ProcessId FROM Win32_Service WHERE Name = 'WAS' OR Caption = 'WAS' OR Name = 'W3SVC' OR Caption = 'W3SVC' OR Name = 'AppHostSvc' OR Caption = 'AppHostSvc'


All NPM versions


The error can occur when the Remote Registry service is not started.


Start the Remote Registry service and verify that it is set to Automatic. You can check this manually by going to services.msc, right-clicking Remote Registry, and then setting it to start automatically.


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