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Unable to install Additional Polling Engine or HA server

Updated April 12, 2018


When you are installing a new Additional Polling Engine of HA server, the installer might return the following message:


Can't receive data from SolarWinds Administration Service


compatibility error.PNG



  • NPM12.1


This is caused by a name mismatch between the Installer file name and the name in the Core manifest. The installation failed with the following error:

2018-04-03 10:35:50,222 [391] ERROR SolarWinds.Administration.HAInstaller.WCF.FileTransferService - GetPackageFileStream

System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Failed to locate package file.

File name: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Packaging\Repository\InformationService-HotFix2.msp'

   at SolarWinds.Administration.HAInstaller.WCF.FileTransferService.GetValidPackageFilePath(String filename)

   at SolarWinds.Administration.HAInstaller.WCF.FileTransferService.GetPackageFileStream(String filename)


  1. Check the Installer on the main polling engine in C:\programdata\solarwinds\installers. This contains the file InformationService-2017-1-Hotfix2.MSP and not the file name indicated in the error, which is InformationService-HotFix2.msp.
  2. To work around the issue, rename the file in the Installers folder to match the file name in the error message.




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