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Unable to convert a web page to PDF in Report Scheduler


The default timeout for completing the conversion of a web page to .pdf using Orion Report Scheduler with the Retrieve a Printable Version of this Page option enabled is three (3) minutes. Some larger reports may take a significant period of time to complete conversion, and in a default configuration, the following error displays if it takes longer than three (3) minutes to complete the conversion:

Unable to convert the Web Page to PDF
Error: Could not generate the PDF document. Could not render the url. Could not get image from url.Navigation timeout.


All Orion Core products released since Orion NPM 9.5.1 - no longer applies to NPM 12 and later.  If NPM 12 or later is needed, please use the following article:


Resolution 1

To configure the timeout for .pdf exports in Orion Report Scheduler:

  1. Open the .pdf export configuration file, ExportToPDFCmd.exe.config, in a text editor.
    Note: The default location of ExportToPDFCmd.exe.config is C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\.
  2. Locate the following lines in the <usersettings> section:
    <setting name="ConversionDelay" serializeas="String">

    Note: Older versions of NPM may use setting name="NavigationTimeout".
  3. Edit <value>00:03:00</value> to an appropriate timeout, in HH:MM:SS format.
  4. Save ExportToPDFCmd.exe.config, and then restart Report Scheduler.


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