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UCS Overview resource view shows N/A for Chassis and Blades

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Updated November 3rd, 2016


Under the UCS Overview, the fiber interconnects show data for response time, percent loss, and status. Only the blades are not showing any statuses.


Cisco UCS devices MUST be added to Orion or they may not function correctly:

  1. Add the IP address of the UCS manager using UCS credentials
  2. Add the two fabric switches (A and B) as SNMP
  3. Add the blades as ICMP only (we poll the UCS manager for data)


If they were not added as described here, correct that before continuing below.


First, are the Chassis and Fabrics under UCS Overview are clickable? If not. I encountered this issue before wherein the UCS API does not provide out of band IP's (extIP) for the blades. This is a Cisco bug however, there used to be a Cisco DevNet article talking about this UCS API issue, but it has been removed from their site. But we still have this discussion on our site:



Moving forward, here's workaround to address the issue:

  1. Login to the UCS manager
  2. Change the Out-of-Band IP's for Fabrics A & B to new values
    1. Example original values: 
      1. A:
      2. B:
    2. Example new values
      1. A:
      2. B:
  3. Wait 10 minutes
  4. Change the same IP's back to their original values in UCS manager
  5. Wait for NPM to re-discover and re-poll the UCS manager (~30 mins)
  6. Attempt to add the blades into NPM again by clicking the now-hyperlinked blades on the UCS manager page



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