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The 'Alert me when a node reboots' alert does not reset

Updated July 29, 2016


After a system has rebooted, the "Alert me when a node reboots" is triggered.  By default, this Alert should reset itself after x amount of seconds. However, in some cases it does not.


All Orion Core modules


This occurs when the alert's reset condition has been modified or there is a problem with the subscriptions.


  1. Verify the Alert's Reset Conditions and ensure it is configured with the following:
    • Reset this alert automatically after {x} seconds.
  2. Assuming this setting is correct, clear the Orion Subscriptions:
    1. Stop all SolarWinds Services on all systems hosting a SolarWinds installation (Main install, Additional Web Server, Additional Poller, and so on) using the Orion Service Manager.
    2. Run the SolarWinds Database Manager and load the default server.
    3. Right-click the Orion database and click Query.
    4. Enter the following queries one by one and click Execute Query:
      delete from dbo.PendingNotifications
      delete from dbo.SubscriptionTags
      delete from dbo.Subscriptions
    5. Start all SolarWinds Orion Services.
  3. Wait 10-15 minutes for the subscriptions to get rebuilt and verify if the alerts get reset.


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