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Syslog hostname is not shown

Created by Malik Haider, last modified by Rodim Suarez_ret on Jun 26, 2016

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The syslog summary view, the hostname is not shown even when the group is specified hostname.

However, interface name is showing when syslog summary is selected. 


All NPM versions


Syslog Service is unable to resolve the DNS.

This also because the interface/ip address that is sending the syslog message is not the same as the interface/ip address of the node that was discovered in Orion.


When a Syslog message comes in, NPM will try to resolve the source IP address using the methods available: Hosts file, DNS query, LMHosts, NetBios query. If NPM does not succeed in resolving the source IP address using any of the methods, it will keep showing the IP Address for the Hostname. Make sure that your DNS has set up PTR records so it can do reverse lookup and find a name for the IP address. 

Make sure that the interface/ip address that is sending the syslog message is the same as the interface/ip address of the node that was discovered in Orion. 


Open command Prompt on Orion Server and do an NSLOOKUP.
Enter the IP address in question.
It will let you know if it can be resolved or not.

You could add in the hosts file if it is really stuck.

You should be able resolve the DNS.
Use a regular DNS lookup.
Dns cache on the Server
Hosts file
Lookup on Dns Server
No answer  = Ip address Im pretty sure this should be immediate


Note: If you change the ip address of the node in Orion to the ip address that is sending the messages, the hostname will fill in correctly.
Devices that send syslog messages usually have many ip addresses. Unfortunately, Orion only knows about 1 of them, the one it discovered the device with.


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