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SolarWinds support for databases in MS SQL Server

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Created by Michael Perez, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article discusses SolarWinds support for databases held in a Microsoft SQL server to store and fetch information available in Orion products.


All Orion Core products


By design, Orion will manage the information held in SQL via users interacting with the Orion Web Console. Every time a new node is added or an interface is deleted, Orion automatically makes changes to the SQL database to reflect the changes you see in the Web Console. In some cases a user may wish to collect information or make changes to the database using Database Manager or SQL Server Management Studio instead of the Orion Web Console. The guidance SolarWinds support will extend is outlined below.


  • Back up your data:  As a best practice you should have current backups of the SQL database at all times. This is especially important when working directly through SQL to query or update the Orion database. Create a backup before any updates are run against the Orion database so that you can revert changes if  you encounter a problem.  
  • Navigating the database:  SolarWinds support may be contacted for general guidance on what tables hold the information that has been collected by our products. This assistance is provided as a best effort because the information seen in the Orion Web Console is often times an aggregate of data spanning across many tables. It may be required to collect the desired information from the Web Console as an alternative.  
  • Updating the database:  If a user has access to make changes to the Orion database, those changes may result in unexpected behavior. If SolarWinds Support identifies a problem that is the result of such changes it may be required to revert the changes or restore from a database backup.  Be aware of the risks involved with updating the Orion database directly through SQL. For example, a user wishes to populate a Custom Property using SQL Server Management Studio instead of the Orion web console. If the query run is incorrect, it could break the custom property or result in other issues in Orion.  
  • Modifying or adding to the Orion database schema:  This is considered advanced customization of the Orion database. Such changes are not supported. SolarWinds strongly advises against modifying or adding to the Orion database schema as it will likely cause the Configuration Wizard to fail, result in future upgrade failures, or abnormal behavior in Orion.  
  • Developing custom SQL queries:  SolarWinds Support can help you locate where information is held in the database. Developing the queries to collect or modify that data is not supported. It is recommended to contact your Database Administrator if you are not comfortable developing the queries that you need.  


As an alternative, consider submitting a Feature Request.  If you would like to see new functionality that would benefit your users, our development team will consider the feature in future products.  


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