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SolarWinds products on servers running Cisco Secure Access Control Server (Cisco ACS)

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SolarWinds strongly recommends against installing Cisco Secure Access Control Server (Cisco ACS) on the same server as any SolarWinds product that uses Orion Core Services. Cisco ACS can block access to performance counters SolarWinds products need to conduct monitoring. It is possible that Cisco ACS may successfully install on a server that is already running a SolarWinds product, but, as in the case of NPM 10.1.3, Cisco ACS may block SolarWinds upgrades.

A validating NetPerfMon service error message, displayed during the Configuration Wizard, is an indication that a Cisco ACS installation may be blocking SolarWinds access to required performance counters. For more information about addressing this error, see the SolarWinds Knowledge Base article "Upgrade fails when validating NetPerfMon service".

A possible workaround is to stop all Cisco ACS services on the server before completing the SolarWinds upgrade.

This article applies to all SolarWinds products that use Orion Core Services.

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