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SolarWinds local and regional settings

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Created by Aileen de Lara_ret, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides information on how SolarWinds recognizes local and regional settings. 


With the release of SolarWinds NPM 10.3 on Orion Platform 2012.1, SolarWinds provides localized network management. You can now view your web console and all data contained therein in your local language. This article provides some additional information about this localized release of SolarWinds NPM.


All Orion Core products version 2012.1 and later


When referring to the localized content provided by SolarWinds NPM 10.3, SolarWinds documentation uses the following terms:

  • Primary Locale - the locale selected when installing SolarWinds NPM. Once selected, you cannot change the Primary Locale without uninstalling and reinstalling SolarWinds NPM.
  • User Locale - the locale selected for use in your browser.
  • Operating System (OS) Locale - the locale configured for you local operating system.
  • Regional Settings - settings to configure how times, dates, and numbers are formatted for display.



  • SolarWinds does not currently support the direct upgrade of an NPM installation with one Primary Locale to an NPM 10.3 installation with a different Primary Locale:
    • If you are currently running NPM 10.2.X, or older (English), and you want to run a localized version of NPM 10.3, you must first uninstall and then reinstall NPM.
    • The SolarWinds database will remain in English unless you create a new one to use with your NPM installation.
  • Though none of the applications that are not already in the web console will be localized, all content provided to these applications will maintain regional characteristics.
  • Though it is possible to configure the User Locale so that it is different from the Primary Locale, data stored in the database, when presented in the web console, will display in accordance with the Primary Locale and not in accordance with the User Locale. As a result, resource names, object details, and monitoring events will display in the web console under the Primary Locale.
  • Localized data polled from monitored devices is presented under the relevant OS Locale. Typically, a localized NPM will poll similarly localized devices, so this is an unlikely scenario.
  • It is possible to run Additional Polling Engines and Additional Web Servers under Primary Locales that are different from the Primary Locale of your primary SolarWinds server.



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