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SolarWinds Product Upgrade Advisor

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Updated: September 21, 2018

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With the new SolarWinds Orion installer, upgrades have never been easier. If you have the following minimum versions, you can upgrade multiple products by downloading one installer:

  • DPAIM 11.1
  • Engineers Web Toolset 11.0
  • IPAM 4.2
  • NCM 7.4
  • NPM 12.0
  • NTA 4.2.3
  • Patch Manager 2.1.3
  • SAM 6.2
  • SRM 6.0
  • UDT 3.2.4
  • VNQM 4.2
  • WPM 2.1

Even if you have an older versions, you can use the installer to scan your environment and provide your upgrade path. After upgrading to the minimum version, you can continue using the SolarWinds Orion Installer to complete your upgrade.

For other products, you can use the SolarWinds Product Upgrade Advisor.


SolarWinds Product Upgrade Advisor is a tool for building upgrade paths. You can enter the currently installed Orion products in your environment, select versions to upgrade, and check the compatibility. The tool checks the versions for compatibility and details the correct upgrade path of products to install in order of products and versions. If a path cannot be determined, the tool provides information.

With the upgrade path, use the SolarWinds Upgrade Guide to upgrade one or more products. These guides include preflight prep and gotchas.


  • All Modules



The tool provides the following:

  • Supported Orion Products. RC versions are not included in the Product Upgrade Advisor.
  • (Optional) Database and Operating System can be included in the Upgrade Path.
  • Messages display for major changes and requirements you should know about product version to version. For example, you may receive a message when upgrading NTA due to the addition of the Flow Storage Database.
  • Limits the tool to choose only 5 products before requesting you contact Technical Support.
  • If your modules require NPM, the tool checks if you select NPM when checking compatibility.
  • An export to PDF option for using the steps as a checklist for upgrades.

How to open the tool:


How to build your upgrade path:

  1. Visit the Product Upgrade Advisor.
  2. (Optional) Select information about your environment: database and Operating System.

    You can leave the OS and SQL options blank. If the new version no longer supports the selected database or OS, the tool may not build the path giving an error to check settings. Always check the product release notes for supported OS and SQL requirements.

  3. Select and add all of the current products and versions installed in your environment. Even if you are not upgrading a product in a multi-module environment, please add the product and version currently installed. Some product upgrades require specific versions when upgrading.
    For example:
  4. To quickly fill the list of latest matching products and versions, click Auto-add latest versions of products selected.

    Or select the latest versions of all of these products you want to upgrade.
  5. Click Check compatibility. The tool shows a detailed response with your upgrade path. You can Export to PDF to save the upgrade steps to a PDF to use with the SolarWinds Upgrade Guide.
    For example:
  6. Click Login to Customer Portal to start downloading and installing your products. Solarwinds recommends using the Multiple Product Upgrade Guide for multi-product upgrades. This guide includes links to release notes, requirements, preflight checklists, gotchas, and instructions.

When installing Orion Platform products 2016.1 and later (NPM 12.0+ and SAM 6.2.4+), an improved installer also provides an upgrade path to walk-through your upgrade and install.


Need to migrate? Check the SolarWinds Migration Guide. These guides include migrating the Orion server, SQL database, Netflow Storage database for NTA, upgrading SQL server, HA migration from FOE, and more.

There are plans to upgrade the online Product Upgrade Advisor tool with an algorithm that can handle more complex upgrade paths in the next release.


Reporting on the Tool

  • We will be using some web analytics on the tool to report how many customers are using it.
  • For Support we would ask that you choose the ACI – How To > Install\Upgrade\Migrate Questions > Product Upgrade Advisor so that we can track internal usage.

Requests for the Tool

  • You can find the list of future ideas \ items we are working on for the tool here - PUA - Next Steps
  • If you find an incorrect upgrade path, please include the correct path and add it here -  PUA - Issue Reporting



Edited by InfoDev on 6-1-2016 Added steps, updated supported tool options, added link to upgrade guide.

3/28: Minor wording and formatting changes


SolarWinds Product Upgrade Advisor new functionality that has been added as of 7th May 2015:.

  1. Want to upgrade to the latest releases – choose the Auto Add button and it will auto populate the latest versions for you. I love this feature as it makes is super quick to get an upgrade path.
  2. NPM is now mandatory for products that are not standalone.
  3. The calculation logic has been optimized to minimize Core upgrades.

Next Release

  • Add a download link to the product version for customers who are logged into their customer portal.
  • Remove limitation to up 5 products on frontend.
  • Modify feedback functionality - Suggestion: Was it helpful? Let us know – your feedback is valuable to us!   



SolarWinds Product Upgrade Advisor new functionality that has been added as of 11th June 2015:.

  1. I am delighted to announce some new features for the Product Upgrade Advisor.

    1. When a customer is logged into the Customer Portal the download links for their upgrade are presented in the Upgrade Path.
    2. Links to the latest release notes for each product are included.
    3. Link to the Upgrade\Database Documentation is included.
    4. A Warning has been added to remind customers to always backup their database before starting any work.
    5. Support links now send the customer to the Submit a ticket page.
    6. Customers can now easily delete products from their chosen list.

    Many thanks are due to the CP Team who delivered all these features that should really help our customers.
    If you would like to see what features are up next for the PUA - PUA - Next Steps
    If you have any issues with the PUA please send them to the Upgrade Advisor Feedback DL



If you have any ideas for features or functionality you would like to see you can add them here - Product Upgrade Advisor - Next Steps
 Support Operations Team 



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