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Scheduled Reports issue after upgrade to NPM 12

Updated August 22, 2016


After upgrading to NPM 12, scheduled reports in emails have a black background. The emails look similar to the screenshot below:



Orion Platform 2016.1 and later



&PRINTABLE=TRUE is added in the Report URL which causes the HTML page to appear with all Forms & Menus.


  1. Create a backup of your Orion database.
  2. Log in to the Orion Server.
  3. Stop All Orion Services using Orion Service Manager.
  4. Open Database Manager & Expand the Orion Database.
  5. Right-click the Orion Database and select New Query.
  6. Copy and Paste the following query:
      UPDATE [dbo].[ActionsProperties]
        SET [PropertyValue] = 'True'
        WHERE [PropertyName] = 'Printable' AND [ActionID] IN
        (SELECT DISTINCT ap.[ActionID] FROM [dbo].[ActionsProperties] ap
        INNER JOIN [dbo].[ActionsAssignments] aa ON aa.ActionID = ap.ActionID
        WHERE aa.[EnvironmentType] = 'Reporting' AND ap.[PropertyName] = 'ContentTypes' AND ap.[PropertyValue] LIKE '%HTML%')
  7. Restart all Orion Services.

  8. Re-run the effected Schedule and confirm that the Report is now executing correctly.





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