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Remove orphaned standby High Availability servers

Updated: June 7, 2017


This article provides information and steps to resolve the issue when the NPM server High Availability (HA) Deployment Summary status shows as down with no obvious way to remove the server. The steps also resolve issues with inconsistencies in HA tables. 




NPM 12.0.1 and later



The issues are caused by orphaned HA servers that can occur as a result of an incomplete cleanup of the SolarWinds Orion database.


To resolve the issue, clean up HA tables following steps below:


  1. If the orphaned server is a part of a pool, delete the pool.
  2. Stop the SolarWinds High Availability service on the orphaned server using Windows Service Manager (Note: this service does not show up in Orion Service Manager).
  3. In the following code, provide the orphaned server hostname instead of ServerHostname, and run the script in SQL Management Studio or in Orion Database Manager. The script will delete references to the orphaned server from the database. :


    DECLARE @HostnameToClear nvarchar(max)
    SET @HostnameToClear = 'ServerHostname' /*Update to the hostname of cleaned server*/
    DELETE FROM OrionServers WHERE HostName = @HostnameToClear
    DELETE FROM HA_PoolMembers WHERE HostName NOT IN (SELECT HostName FROM OrionServers)
    DELETE FROM HA_ResourcesInstances WHERE PoolMemberId NOT IN (SELECT PoolMemberId FROM HA_PoolMembers)
    DELETE FROM HA_FacilitiesInstances WHERE (RefId like '%' + @HostnameToClear + '%')
    DELETE FROM HA_PoolMemberInterfacesInfo WHERE PoolMemberId NOT IN (SELECT PoolMemberId FROM HA_PoolMembers)


  4. If you want to continue using the server as a High Availability server, run the Configuration wizard on the server. The Configuration Wizard provides information about the server into the OrionServers table.


Once completed you will no longer see the orphaned server in HA and all inconsistencies will be resolved.


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