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Remove UNDP Poller on an Agent node

Updated November 9, 2017


This article overviews removing UnDP pollers from agent monitored nodes that have UNDP assigned to them.


For example: You convert a node that is SNMP polled to agent polled, but the UnDP pollers were not removed prior to changing the polling method. This means that the UnDP 32-bit tool can no longer see the node. Neither the Assign Pollers function on Manage Nodes, nor the API can view the node either.


  • NPM 12.2 and earlier


Agent monitored nodes do not tie to or do not have the Universal Device Poller table references. When a node polling method is switched, the universal device poller is still assigned to the agent device but can no longer be deleted easily through either the web console or the UnDP utility on the main polling engine.


You need to custom craft the URL for the Assign Pollers function. You can still see the assigned pollers via the Web UI.

  1. Get the NodeID for the target node.
  2. Navigate to: http://Your-Server-Name-Here/Orion/NPM/NodeCustomPollers.aspx?Nodes=16855&ReturnTo=aHR0cDovL21vbml0b3JpbmcuY2FyZGluYWxoZWFsdGgubmV0L29yaW9uL25vZGVzL2RlZmF1bHQuYXNweA==N

    PRO TIP: If you remove the "&ReturnTo ...." from the URL you can edit multiple nodes at a time without returning to the manage nodes page.  Just update the NodeID, click submit, and then update with the next NodeID.

    NOTE: The example above is for node ID 16855. You need to insert the relevant node ID into the URL.

  3. Expand the group with the assigned pollers you want to remove (eg CAH_Linux) and uncheck them.
  4. Click Submit to return to the Manage Nodes page.
  5. Run the SWQL query to find the nodes below:
    SELECT nd.Caption AS NodeCaption ,nd.NodeID ,nd.StatusDescription FROM Orion.Nodes nd WHERE nd.objectsubtype = 'Agent' AND nd.CustomPollerAssignmentOnNode.AssignmentName IS NOT NULL


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