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Recommended specifications for NPM and database with an additional polling engine

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Created by Craig O’ Neill, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Dec 28, 2017

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This article provides information on the recommended specifications for NPM and database and an additional polling engine.

Orion Primary Polling Engine in North America

Additional Polling Engine in Europe


NPM 11.5 and later


In your Primary Orion instance in North America, you will need NPM and SQL on separate VMs.

CPU Speed: 3.0 GHz
Note: For production environments, quad core is recommended. Physical Address Extension (PAE) should not be enabled.

Hard Drive Space: 20 GB
Note: A RAID 1 drive for server operating system, Orion installation, and tempdb files is recommended.

Orion requires at least 1.5 GB for job engine, information service, collector service, MIB database and other required files. The Orion installer needs 1 GB on the drive where temporary Windows system or user variables are stored. Per Windows standards, some common files may need to be installed on the same drive as your server operating system.

Memory: 8 GB
For SQL server please see Database Requirements.

An additional polling engine (APE) in the Europe office would be the ideal setup.
This would facilitate tight polling intervals.
The APE would send its data back to the database and all data is stored centrally in the database and is universal from both sites.
Independent per site views can also be setup, for example, you can have a view for Europe and for the US and/or both. See Create a New View - Video for more information.

Specifications for the APE would reflect the specifications for the primary PE.


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