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QoE metrics are incorrect when monitoring VMs

Updated Nov 29, 2016


QoE metrics are incorrect for some monitored VMs. If you check the Manage Agents page, agents installed on the affected computers return an error similar to the following:

Plugin error DPIProbe Plug-in failed to start after 1 attempts on multiple agents


  • Orion Platform 2015.1 and later
  • NPM 11.5 and later
  • SAM 6.2 and later



WinPcap is used to gather the QoE metrics. The WinPcap driver (which was last updated in 2013 as of Nov 2016) and newer VM network drivers are incompatible. 


There are two potential workarounds. The workarounds may not work in your environment or may only work for a short while.

Disable the WinPcap driver on the polled computers

The agent will start the driver again.

In this method you continue to lose data while the driver returns bogus data until the agent restarts the driver.

This applies to Windows 7 and Server 2008 and earlier.

  1. Log on to the monitored computer with the issue.
  2. Open Device Properties.
  3. Show hidden devices.
  4. Open the Non-Plug and Play Drivers and disable the NetGroup Packet Filter Driver.

The correct data should be collected.

Use npcap to collect the data on the polled computers

You can uninstall WinPcap and install npcap. The Orion agent can then use the data gathered by npcap.

This method is unsupported. SolarWinds makes no guarantee that this method will work in your environment and may introduce instability to the affect computers. Proceed with caution.

  1. Log on to the monitored computer with the issue.
  2. Uninstall WinPcap using Add/Remove Program or Programs and Features.
  3. Download npcap. (© 2016 Insecure.Com LLC, available at, obtained on November 29, 2016.) 
  4. During the install, select the following options:
    • Npcap in WinPcap API-compatible Mode
    • Automatically start the Npcap driver at boot time

The correct data should be collected.


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