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QoE data unavailable

Created by CarlNikko.Santos, last modified by vince.chin on Sep 18, 2018

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Updated September 18, 2018



This article describes the issue when there's no data is displayed on the charts and tables at the QoE View.


NPM version 11.5.2


This article occurs when no packets are passing through the NIC specified in the QoE Settings.


  1. Run Wireshark on the server where the NPAS is deployed to verify if packets are passing through the interface specified in Settings > QoE Settings > Manage QoE Packet Analysis Sensors > Select NPAS > Edit Sensor.
  2. If no packets are captured, please ensure you have done the following :
    1.  Configure span port of your switch. Please check your product documentation or consult your vendor on how to do this.
    2. Connect the span port to the 2nd NIC of the target server. Primary NIC of the target server sends traffic to Orion server.
    3. Deploy the Network Packet analysis sensor (NPAS) to the target server. See:
    4. On the Web Console, go to settings > QoE Settings > Manage QoE Packet Analysis Sensors. Select NPAS > Edit Sensor. Set the Interface to capture QoE data to the 2nd NIC of the target server.
    5. Click save.
  3. Run Wireshark again to verify if packets are now passing through the interface you are using for QoE.


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